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Please make a selection from our high-performance bar-stock needle valves in a variety of materials or our selection of tough instrument manifold valves. Years of research and design have been used to produce the instrumentation services and products we offer. Inline valves is solenoid valves or pilot operated valves and generally are often referred to as directional control valves. Whilst the title suggests, the blocks are drilled to offer circuit paths and movement passages. Coupled with excellent solution and total customer care, Telematic provides solutions with unparalleled item quality for all you procedure control applications.

The ‘2VG’ Series 2 valve measure manifold provides single procedure isolation and controlled venting. SDMS” Schneider DirectMount Systems, from AS-Schneider America Inc.(United States Of America) are designed to satisfy industry personnel requests additionally the Recommended recommendations” of American Gas Association (AGA) Gas Processors Association (GPA) and American Petroleum Institute (API) for Natural Gas Manifolds.

Sitek SMT Manifold Series has brand new manifold for ATEX Solenoid Valves. Pneumadyne’s Nylon & Polypropylene manifolds are well suited for wash down applications in meals manufacturing facilities. Our Needle Valve Manifolds are designed for direct mounting to differential pressure transmitters, with separate isolation for LP and HP inlets plus equalising valve for easy calibration.

These are factory tested and readily available for pipe to pipe, flange to flange, pipe to flange, remote, base and remote mounting base vent, and direct and built-in mounting. Additionally available in direct or remote mount format the 5 means manifold combines two isolation valves with an equalise valve, and two vent valves in one single compact device.

BULK Instrument Manifold are stated in 316 stainless or in virtually any machinable metals including: Carbon Steel, Monel, Inconel Titanium, Hastelloy C. It’s the various combinations of states among these valves that allow complex control behavior in a manifold. Typically our manifolds are machined out of aluminum nevertheless we could process other kinds of product.

Rugged design with rolled threads in contact with human anatomy guarantees high element of safety whenever needle valve reaches maximum pressure and temperature. Remote mount, pipe to pipe 5-valve manifold. We’ll happily machine your pre-designed manifold but we are able to easily design one for the application if you do not get one.

2-4 valves per manifold (typical). Spacer plates enhance proportions between basic obstructs whenever an outsized valve must certanly be accommodated in the mounting area. Used in either direct or remote mount situations the 3 or 5 valve models allow for isolation, equalise and venting and certainly will be manufactured in bespoke configurations to match our customer’s needs.

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